Culture Open Mic Night – Just Out Of Reach

Written by 
Ted Hewett


April 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us on 2nd April for our first ever ONLINE Culture Open Mic Night.

We had such a special evening learning from our speakers about how to maintain great workplace culture through working from home and remote working.

Culture has been seen as a feeling or a vibe that you get in an office, and leaders have been able to let fate and spontaneity cover that for them. In a remote setting, the only way you are going to have culture is if you are intentional.
Darren Murph – GitLab

Be sure to follow Totem on LinkedIn where we’ll be posting more content which you can share with friends and colleagues. Thank you again to all of our speakers:

Melissa van der Hecht – Kong
Brigid Fox – Totem
Emma Bridger – People Lab
Stephen Robertson – Edinburgh Napier University
Rebekah Martin – AstraZeneca
Jacki Hodgson – CoreHR
Jessica Larson – BGRS
Darren Murph – GitLab
Jo Moffat – Woodreed
Fiona Allen – Camm & Hooper

More than 60% of us work from home full-time, it’s obviously something the company cares a huge amount about, about how to make us not just productive, but how to maintain a culture – how to make us happy.
Melissa van der Hecht – Kong

Everyone at Totem wanted to share another huge thank you to all of our attendees and speakers for sharing their learnings and experiences.

Great culture is everyone’s business, even when working remotely.

All the resources discussed during the event:
The Remote Playbook – From GitLab, the largest all-remote company in the world.
Building and reinforcing a sustainable culture – GitLab, exploring how remote environments can foster great culture.
Employee Onboarding in the Age of Culture Tech – From Totem, exploring integrating new hires into company culture without stepping foot in an office.
The Critical Few – Further reading recommendation from Ted Hewett on how organisations can take action to improve company culture.

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