John Lewis Nominated for Best Use of Technology Award

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November 15, 2019

We’re so pleased that our lovely clients John Lewis & Partners Magna Park are finalists for the Best Use of Technology Award at the 2019 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards – and that Totem is the chosen technology to support them on the journey.

Before we partnered with John Lewis they were frustrated by a traditional top-down method of communication. It wasn’t working, and an innovative new approach was needed. We knew we needed to help them revolutionise the way in which their teams communicate, interact and share information – on demand, and directly to their devices.

For a company with various shift patterns, no access to work PCs or business email addresses, it’s important to meet employees where they are right in their pockets. The Totem app creates a single place for the whole team to interact, breaking down silos between 24/7 shift patterns. Partners can share more about themselves and their lives outside of work helping to create a more human connection. In partnership our aim was to achieve the following:

  1. Improve communications across sites
  2. Create a culture where Partners recognise each other for their work.
  3. Improve Partner engagement with the business, helping to make them feel happier in the work-place.
  4. Create an open and honest forum where Partners can express ideas and actually see when those ideas are implemented.
  5. Promote our Partnership Values to drive a culture change.

John Lewis & Partners Magna Park took the decision to roll out Totem, which works by enabling an employer-employee relationship through meaningful connections, encourages a culture of community, recognition, transparency and performance.

The programme has boasted 85,000 app sessions since launch, with 81% of partners active during holiday season which usually experiences a dip in activity.

The impact of Totem on our organisation has been immense. Totem has provided a radical alternative to the Reward & Recognition System and given accountability for initiatives. We now have a bottom-up recognition system that is driven and led by our Partners. Ideas and Suggestions can all live in one easy to find place with a paper trail that recognises those that contribute to the success of our business.

The opportunity to be finalists in this category is fantastic. Everyone in the Totem Team gives a huge thank you to John Lewis & Partners Magna Park in celebration of this achievement!

We’re excited to see such incredible success in such a short period of time – and can’t wait to see even more progress year on year for our clients.