Totem is Helping Customers Bring Office Culture Online

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June 30, 2020

The long awaited lifting of lockdown is here and employers are planning their return to the office, however new safety regulations, adaptability to remote working and growing anxiety has impacted what that return looks like. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new features that help businesses increase visibility, build trust and help businesses adapt to the new normal.

Research shows 65% of people in the UK are anxious about the return to work and 57% do not want to go back to a normal office environment with normal office hours. COVID has shaken up the way we think about work and changed the relationship we have with the office – so mutual-trust has never been more important.

Adjusting to the new normal will take patience, engagement and transparency, so we created a few features to help you do just that. Our new functionality gives your team visibility across COVID risk factors, remote work and safety measures in a timely manner.

Through our network and product research we found the same concerns arise across the field, like:

Sharing timely updates efficiently company-wide: Businesses need to be able to communicate office status or operational updates consistently across their teams/company wide during this transitional period. Employees will be looking for a platform to gain reliable updates and ensure their safety. How do you create a space that acts as a central source of truth for all employees?

Building transparency and trust: You need transparency to align your people with company decisions but also to drive their honest feedback, enthused participation and trust. Especially when it comes to sharing personal but crucial details like arrival of symptoms and office days, to ensure the safety of others. How can you encourage employees to play their part by sharing personal details that will help their business adapt and evolve?

Creating a positive experience for a remote and physical workforce: The meaning of the ‘office’ is transcending from location to web-based, intermittently. You need your  remote and physical workforce to feel equally supported. How can you  migrate office dynamics online to remote workers?

With Totem you can:

Create a central source of truth for office information: In the Totem dashboard, businesses can add office operating hours for employees to view at any time, alongside any other important documentation or resources they might need.

Work with employees to support new health regulations: Enable employees to share minimal but helpful personal details, such as arrival of symptoms, work location and/or risk factors, so businesses can offer employees relevant support and take action when necessary.  

Build a trust-based culture that transcends the office: Enable your business to evolve to flexible working schedules and locations through taking leadership, events, updates and community, online – building and maintaining employee engagement every step of the way.

We understand it’s your goal to ensure employees feel safe and are confident their physical and mental health is a priority for the employer. That’s why we created Totem, to build mutual-trust between a business, it’s leadership and their people. Our digital culture platform is helping businesses adapt to the new normal, and build great on and offline culture their employees love.

To learn more about how Totem is equipping teams with the tools they need to return to the office harmoniously, find out more here.