Totem Talks #2 – Building Tech That Improves Culture

Written by

Ted Hewett


February 7, 2020

We’re joined by Chief Product Officer, Scott Byrne-Fraser from Play Consulting who explains his transition from managing culture change and engagement in previous roles such as DAZN, Amazon, BBC and Sky – through to leading a product team to build Totem, a solution that helps companies drive their internal culture goals.

In this episode, we explore how technology that is inspired by Social Media can drive engagement, and how Totem is different from the traditional tech stack at work.

Scott explains how Totem uses Work Social to create a space for employees to engage with their company culture. Totem isn’t an app used exclusively at work (or to continue working when you shouldn’t!), employees can access their company culture at a time that works for them.

Watch the episode in full below or click here to view on YouTube. Keep scrolling for our YearInTotem Infographic – showcasing the highest performing Totem posts from our clients’ feeds over 2019!

We pulled the data across all of our clients (anonymously of course) to analyse how Totem has impacted company culture in 2019. The insights below are accessible at any time, to all of our clients, allowing them to deep dive into the data when they need it.