Master your culture, without surveys

With Totem, leaders and managers can get real-time and accurate insights for employee engagement and culture - just as they would for other key business metrics, like revenue and marketing.


Truly understand your culture and teams like never before

Totem leverages data from our company culture app to provide insights and data analytics for your leaders.

Using machine learning and language analysis, Totem can fathom who your internal leaders are, what morale is like within your teams, and how candid your employees are with one another.

Conduct in-depth employee engagement data analysis

View and compare data between teams, metrics and more in Totem’s Culture Insights


Monitor how key culture metrics, like morale, change over time. See how news and changes impact your teams by comparing before-and-after stats in Culture Insights.


Want to know how the change in candour of Team A is the same for Team B? Or would it help to know if morale is correlated to engagement within a team?


Avoid survey fatigue, dig deeper when it matters

With the constant disruption to how teams work, organisations are surveying their employees more than ever before.

With always-on Culture Insights and reporting in Totem, you can save pulse surveys for asking questions at the time they matter most. All in the same app.


Value your informal leaders

'Influencers' isn’t just a marketing term. You have influencers in your organisation who, when properly engaged, can make a big impact on your culture.

Totem gives you visibility of who these influencers are, so you can recognise, reward, and understand what makes them a cultural pillar of your team.