Get always-on Culture Insights without surveying your team

Measure your culture without surveys
View your culture stats in a single dashboard
Build a culture for remote and hybrid working
Boost your employee engagement

Always-on culture analytics - without surveys

As we adapt to remote and hybrid working for the long term, leaders need to understand their company culture more than ever.

At the click of a button, Totem shows you how your employees are doing, who your influencers are, and where improvements can be made. All without surveys.

Finally, a dashboard for culture

Leading research suggests engaged employees outperform their counterparts by 3x, meaning culture is now an essential KPI for every organisation.

With Totem, leaders and managers can get real-time and accurate insights for culture - just as you would for other key business metrics, like revenue and marketing.

Avoid survey fatigue, dig deeper when it matters

With an ever-changing work environment, organisations are surveying their teams more than ever before.

With always-on Culture Insights and reporting in Totem, you can save pulse surveys for asking questions at the time they matter most. All in the same app.

Compare and analyse culture stats and trends

Culture, morale and engagement are an ever-moving picture. Track how team and company sentiment changes over time and in response to key company and external events.

Delve deeper with insights for specific teams and compare metrics between business units to understand their impact on each other.

Measure culture, then build it

Without the office, it’s more important than ever to create a dedicated space for building culture digitally.

The Totem engagement app is the place to share familiar moments and successes, and help employees feel visible and valued. This boosts productivity and engagement, and drives rich Culture Insights for leaders.

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