Get the tools to build a thriving workplace culture

Totem provides always-on culture analytics, so you can see how the changes you make impact your team in real time.

Boost engagement

Turn your teams into a community by democratising communication, celebrating your values and engaging with peers asynchronously.

Culture dashboard

Just introduced a big culture change? Use always-on analytics to see its impact on team morale, with before-and-after stats for effective comparison.

Discover champions

If you’re executing a transformation, Totem helps you to recognise and empower informal leaders who will drive that change. Maybe award them some Totem Kudos to say thanks!

Instant feedback

No more waiting for weeks or months for survey results to see if your initiative took off. Access always-on data so you can measure critical metrics like engagement and candour in real time.

Hear what the leaders have to say...

“Last year we integrated a number of brands and people together into one united entity and Totem has immediately helped bind us together as colleagues with a shared culture. It's allowed us to really drive community and to show a new level of real-time transparency between leadership, strategy and the business.”

Neil Atkinson
Proposition and Innovation Leader

“What Totem has given us is the opportunity to engage with all of our Partners across 3 different shifts. It has allowed us to recognise Partners at any time, and communicate business changes directly to our teams. We are all more connected and informed.

Zoe Spicer
Partner & Department Manager
John Lewis & Partners
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