Totem helps Camm & Hooper “open up the communication channels”

46% increase in response to the quarterly survey

10% increase in employee engagement

Camm & Hooper deliver a simple promise: extraordinary people, curating iconic experiences. C&H specialise in turning fantasy into reality with a growing portfolio of stunning venues across London.

But like a mimosa that needs more fizz, the rapidly growing team needed something to bring them together and keep the magic alive. Their exponential growth resulted in a lack of communication and engagement. Teams weren’t aware of events running at other venues. The camaraderie that defined them in their early days was at risk.

Totem is C&H’s culture tool with a laidback and creative edge that bridges the gap between venues. Kudos allows teams to celebrate great behaviours and publicly recognise hard work and commitment. Team members at any venue in any role can share and collaborate.

In a single day, Totem created a space for the entire company to be involved, engaged and inspired.

“Our team are fully engaged with Totem and have wholeheartedly taken to it. The ability to instantly give praise to someone for their help at an event, for a great show round with a client or even showing off their infusion skills has opened up the communication channels. All the Kudos that are given are linked with our 7 values which instil the vision across the team and makes sure everyone is on the same page.”

Fi Allen
Head of HR