Partners at John Lewis are “more connected and informed” thanks to Totem

84% of all partners are actively using Totem each week

81% of partners active during the holiday season

over 85,000 app sessions since launch

John Lewis & Partners don't have employees, they have partners. As one of the largest cooperatives in the world, everyone owns the employee experience. The Partnership’s ultimate purpose and Principle 1 is: The happiness of all its members.

John Lewis is a round-the-clock operation across multiple shifts. Most partners don’t have access to a work email address and often miss company updates. Relying on noticeboards and word of mouth, it was easy for partners to feel out of the loop and disconnected. Sharing and giving feedback was a difficult task.

John Lewis decided to roll out Totem to create a connected culture. Totem creates a culture of community, recognition, transparency and performance.

The high-tech distribution centre Magna Park operates with no mobile phones on-shift. Despite this, they still boast incredible usage stats. With a 'Totem phone' on-site, and anytime access whilst at home partners can always connect with each other.

At John Lewis & Partners, great work is visible and viral.

“Our team are fully engaged with Totem and have wholeheartedly taken to it. The ability to instantly give praise to someone for their help at an event, for a great show round with a client or even showing off their infusion skills has opened up the communication channels. All the Kudos that are given are linked with our 7 values which instil the vision across the team and makes sure everyone is on the same page.”

Zoe Spicer
Partner & Department Manager