Unite your deskless teams by keeping them connected

Engaged employees are 3x more effective
Ditch pigeon holes for digital internal comms
Reach every worker with Totem's mobile app
Gather instant feedback from your teams
No work email address required

Reach every employee, no matter where they are

Deskless workers can be hard to reach. Totem makes it simple by providing an internal comms app in their pocket. Share updates, check in, and connect with each and every member of your team.

Celebrate & recognise your teammates

Publicly recognise your teammates for a job well done by awarding them Kudos. Who will top the Kudos leaderboard?

The simplest way to get feedback from teams

Host surveys on Totem, to get instant, accurate, and relevant feedback directly from all of your employees.

Turn your workforce into a community

Deskless workers often don't make the same connections office workers do. Totem provides a digital space for teams to connect, share, and build a community.

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