Peer-to-peer recognition software that engages employees

Remote and hybrid teams are crying out for a way to socialise and connect without sitting on endless Zoom calls. Totem offers a dedicated employee recognition platform with an array of social features so you can create a high-performing, connected culture that can be scaled across your entire business and tailored to company goals.

For togetherness

Our employee recognition software provides the perfect cultural canvas for your teams to share updates, thoughts, wins, stories, and things that make your team special. Offer employees a powerful platform to bring their full selves to work.

Instil company values

Too many onboarding programs overlook the importance of organisational culture. New employees can use the recognition tracker to better understand core values and see which achievements and behaviours are being recognised.

Recognition for peers

Our recognition software allows peers to recognise each other for great work using Kudos. By customising the app, leaders can create a culture of recognition that reflects their organisation’s values so people are always aligned on what good looks like.

Measure success

Culture Insights is one of the key features of the Totem platform. This centralised dashboard gives leaders access to actionable people analytics using real-time data. Use metrics such as engagement, morale and candour to gain a deeper insight into progress towards your employee engagement goals.

Your systems hub

Create a great employee experience with a custom dashboard for employees to access your teams’ full suite of tools. Signpost your HRIS, Benefits Portal, EAP, handbook, and more!

Totem offers a powerful tool for leaders looking to go the extra mile to increase employee satisfaction and create a culture of appreciation. Get started for FREE today or Request a Demo of our employee recognition solution. 

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Hear what the leaders have to say...

“Last year we integrated a number of brands and people together into one united entity and Totem has immediately helped bind us together as colleagues with a shared culture. It's allowed us to really drive community and to show a new level of real-time transparency between leadership, strategy and the business.”

Neil Atkinson
Proposition and Innovation Leader

“What Totem has given us is the opportunity to engage with all of our Partners across 3 different shifts. It has allowed us to recognise Partners at any time, and communicate business changes directly to our teams. We are all more connected and informed.

Zoe Spicer
Partner & Department Manager
John Lewis & Partners
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