Create a digital space for your team to socialise, celebrate, and communicate

Remote working has some glorious benefits, but our connection and familiarity with teammates has plummeted to a point where we’re far less likely to even ask for their help with a task.

Build your team’s familiarity back up, with a free 50-user Totem account.

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Share with peers like you would in the office

Remote work has its upsides, but many of us miss the ‘watercooler chat’ the office used to provide. Use Totem’s newsfeed to share photos, videos, and updates — and connect with your team.

Celebrate & recognise your teammates

Publicly recognise your teammates for a job well done by awarding them Kudos. Who will top the Kudos leaderboard?

Level up your internal communications

Keep your whole team in the loop on big announcements, tag your @team to send a notification with the post, and get more engagement on your updates.

Give new starters a proper welcome

Starting a new role remotely eliminates the chance encounters you’d usually have with new teammates. Help new starters build familiarity with their peers on Totem’s newsfeed and people directory.

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