Grow with purpose. Retain the culture that makes you special

When your team is going through rapid change, Totem is the constant that helps employees onboard, retain and build upon the culture that’s made your business successful.

Recipe for success

No longer worry about losing your culture as you grow. Totem acts as your culture-tether, with visible values and a documented history on how your teams operate, communicate, and celebrate.

Culture first

Add soon-to-be employees to Totem before their start date so they build familiarity with their peers and get welcomed into the community before they’ve even seen their desk.

Spot outliers early

Monitor your cultural metrics, like engagement and candour, across teams, to ensure no group falls behind. Notice a team doing particularly well? Harness their knowledge to achieve success in all teams.

Uncover future leaders

Often, teams contain many internal influencers that are the future leaders of your organisation. Totem identifies them so you can recognise, train and empower them to succeed.

Hear what the leaders have to say...

“Last year we integrated a number of brands and people together into one united entity and Totem has immediately helped bind us together as colleagues with a shared culture. It's allowed us to really drive community and to show a new level of real-time transparency between leadership, strategy and the business.”

Neil Atkinson
Proposition and Innovation Leader

“What Totem has given us is the opportunity to engage with all of our Partners across 3 different shifts. It has allowed us to recognise Partners at any time, and communicate business changes directly to our teams. We are all more connected and informed.

Zoe Spicer
Partner & Department Manager
John Lewis & Partners
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