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Reach everyone

Any collaborative software needs to be open to as many people as possible. Totem is a mobile employee app that reaches people on the devices they use most, making it perfect for hybrid and remote teams. Create new communication channels with direct messaging, with the further option to add unlimited users.

Measure engagement

Totem analyses internal communications to provide real time team employee engagement data. We offer a range of metrics for measuring engagement, morale and candour. This helps leaders to identify 'influencers' within their company and create a data-driven strategy to enhance employee experience.

Remove hierarchy

Totem democratises internal communications. This goes beyond directors, project managers and key players to give everyone a chance to share updates and recognise team members. Admins can also promote company news, helping employees keep a pulse on important developments.

Get instant feedback

Feedback is a key part of any company's internal communications. Our team collaboration software helps managers elicit feedback from their employees. Leaders can also quickly run surveys to gain actionable insights, keeping them more informed than ever on employee engagement and morale.

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Totem is an online collaboration tool that allows teams to build powerful working relationships. Our mobile app is easy to use, and ideal for remote employees and hybrid teams. With Totem, leaders can keep engagement levels high and create a culture of open communication and recognition.

Instant messaging has transformed how people work together. This is even more resonant in today's remote work environment, which has led to a boom in employee communication apps and project management tools. But too many tools overlook the importance of culture for communication and teamwork. As well as working together as colleagues, teams need to connect as people. By creating a dedicated space for culture, we distinguish ourselves in the wider market.

With Totem, employees can not only collaborate on projects but also bond over shared interests and showcase their peers' personal and professional milestones. This creates an internal communication strategy that treats employees not only as unique and social people but also as valued members of your organisation.

Hear what the leaders have to say...

“Last year we integrated a number of brands and people together into one united entity and Totem has immediately helped bind us together as colleagues with a shared culture. It's allowed us to really drive community and to show a new level of real-time transparency between leadership, strategy and the business.”

Neil Atkinson
Proposition and Innovation Leader

“What Totem has given us is the opportunity to engage with all of our Partners across 3 different shifts. It has allowed us to recognise Partners at any time, and communicate business changes directly to our teams. We are all more connected and informed.

Zoe Spicer
Partner & Department Manager
John Lewis & Partners
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