A workplace culture platform that actually engages your employees

We realised that a lot of employee culture software was made for HR teams, not employees. So we built Totem; an engagement app that employees love to use, while delivering data-driven insights for HR and leadership.

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Employee engagement app

The Totem engagement app provides your teams with a place to communicate, celebrate, and congratulate peers on a job well done, just as if they are all in the office.

Build community, award Kudos, align with company values, and access all of your People & HR tools, all in one place.

Culture Insights

Employee engagement software should be more than surveys. Totem provides always-on insights that measure your employees' candour, connectedness, morale, and more.

Use Totem to see trends, compare data between teams, and use pulse surveys to dig into specific topics — making your leaders more informed than ever.


No matter where they are, your employees should feel connected

People don’t need to be in the same location to feel they belong. Whether they’re working from home, or on different shift patterns, teammates will always be able to share updates, connect over common interests, and recognise their peers. All from their phone, on Totem.


Know how your team are doing, without asking them

No mind-reading here, just always-on Culture Insights that knows when team morale is up, how candid your colleagues are being, and how connected (or siloed!) your teams are.